Open Mic Night

Every Monday at 7.30pm

Open Mic night

If you’re an aspiring musician or just love to show off your singing skills in front of a friendly live audience, this night is for you. Dean Delonix, a talented local musician will host our open mic night every Monday from 7.30pm. You don’t need to be able to play an instrument, Dean will supply all the gear and will be your backing support on stage.

Focusing on quality sound, a super friendly atmosphere and a welcoming environment for those who just LOVE to perform. As some of you may know, it takes time and perseverance to grow an Open Mic so please do come along and support us early on to make this a favourite night in your Calendar. 


Equipment Provided

  • RCF evox 12 speaker system

  • 8 channel mixer with fx

  • 4 x wireless microphones

  • 2 x microphone stands

  • 1 x music stand

  • 1 x acoustic guitar

  • 3 x spare guitar leads

Please bring your own instruments if possible.

Dean promises to work tirelessly to ensure you get the opportunity to showcase your music in the best possible way!

Midweek Offers

2 Cocktails for £12


3 Tapas dishes for £15


Bottle of Prosecco £15

& 2 Bottles of beer for £5